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    *slides $10 to the government* please cancel school

    *puts it towards buying more military defense* *raises college tuition*

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    We’re wearing pink (socks) for October #BreastCancerAwareness

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  • "I told you you’d get tired of me first."
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    forcing people to reblog your selfies


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  • these-fading-scars:

    I had to re-upload it because i misspelled some stuff. Thank you anon who pointed it out <3

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    would u rather eat a pound of bricks or a matter baby??

    whats a matter baby

    nothing sweetie whats a matter with you??

    I literally did not see that coming

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    Summer expectations


    Summer reality


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    Two fabulous new necklaces are in the MUTTS store! Silver pendants on a delicate string. So shweet!

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    could you please hold this for a second *hands you my problems and runs away*

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    fruit salad 

    *deep voice* yummy yummy

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  • Conversation with me and my friend

    • Me: you're really pretty.
    • Her: shut up. I don't have makeup on.
    • Me: so? You're beautiful with and without makeup.
    • Her: shut up, you're blind.
    • Me: clearly I'm not, I know beauty when I see it. You're beautiful and I wish you knew that.
    • Her: *smiles and looks away* I'm done. *smiles again*